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Frederick Commercial Real Estate is a third party brokerage firm representing Sellers, Landlords, Buyers and Tenants in the Frederick County and Frederick City markets. Chris Kline, Jr. is the Broker of Record and founded the company in January of 2019. 

FCRE specializes in all commercial sectors of the real estate market, with emphasis on Industrial, Retail, Office, Multifamily and Adaptive Reuses of historic properties and/or properties where a change of use is necessary. FCRE is built on a foundation of deep ties to Frederick, successive and successful family businesses, and a commitment to Frederick’s business, civic and political communities. 

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Our viability and success grow out of our ability to effectively meet Client goals and expectations. FCRE is the most knowledgeable, responsive, attentive and proactive commercial brokerage firm in Frederick County, Maryland. We not only list properties for Sale and Lease, we also offer an aggressive approach for Buyers and Tenants who prefer to pursue off market properties. Our “Birddog” services are effective in taking the best steps to capture the attention and consideration of a property owner, in an effort to interest them in selling or leasing their property. 


FCRE knows how to get the job done in Frederick County and Frederick City, Maryland. Please don’t hesitate to call us to understand more about this market, and what can be expected. We welcome a conversation about your goals, here in beautiful Frederick County, Maryland.



Chris Kline Jr is a native of Frederick County, Maryland and the ninth generation of the Kline family to live in, and start a business in the community. Chris follows in the footsteps of generations past and present as he establishes his own commercial real estate brokerage firm in Frederick. Chris graduated from Urbana High School in 2000 and pursued an undergraduate degree at Colorado State University in Natural Resources and Tourism. He was encouraged to further his studies by his professors, and took that inspiration to pursue a Peace Corps Master’s Degree in International Development, with an emphasis on economic development in less developed countries, from the University of Cincinnati. 


Sandwiched between two years of graduate work, Chris left for Peace Corps Romania in winter, 2007. He spent two years living and volunteering with Romanians in a small town in the Carpathian Mountains, helping them establish environmental stewardship opportunities and helping the youth see the world beyond their village. Chris’ time abroad as a twenty something had the biggest impact on his young adult life. Two years living amongst the less fortunate in a foreign country, experiencing the world through a lens few Americans will ever put on, is part of what sets Chris’ worldview apart from his peers. 


Perspective influenced by a global paradigm combined with local grounding allows Chris to work and understand people from all cultures and walks of life as he guides them through the process of selling, buying or leasing commercial real estate in Frederick County. If Chris learned anything in his time away from Frederick, it’s to see the value each individual brings to the table, as opposed to what they may be lacking. It’s a “Can Do” mentality that focuses on overcoming obstacles and hardships, while creatively solving problems. Chris believes adversity breeds ingenuity, and a challenge pulls a person’s strongest attributes to the surface. 


Civic service and service to country are cornerstones of Chris’ constitution and what makes him whole. Chris is an active member of his Rotary Club; a board member and committee chair of the Downtown Frederick Partnership; board chair and member of East Frederick Rising (a community advocacy group representing the 2,200 acres of East Frederick City); serves on the board of Heartly House and acts as their development committee chair. Besides these community oriented roles, Chris has volunteered for the Mental Health Association of Frederick County, and mentors a 13 year old young man, with whom he’s been working and establishing a bond since the child was 8 years old. 


Chris possesses aptitudes that allow him to see the big picture, to comprehend his clients’ vision and to understand his role, as he navigates complex and sensitive deals. He describes himself and his outlook as three dimensional, approaching his work and his clients from all sides, in an effort to deliver the best service. 

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